Breakout Session

Changing Narratives and Challenging Norms

Provider, nurturer, mentor, and supporter. They’re all roles that describe what you do. But, they don’t even begin to scratch the surface of who you really are.

In this empowering breakout session, you’ll explore the various labels that society often assigns to women, particularly those over 40, and how they can limit your potential as well as your self-expression. You’ll learn methods that will help you break free from conventional wisdom and redefine your own identity on your own terms. This engaging and introspective experience is designed to take you on a journey to help you rethink, relaunch, and reinvent the second half of your life with unapologetic authenticity.

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Quin Brewington is the founder of SisterLadyGirl, an organization that helps women in midlife who feel overlooked and undervalued get the tools and resources they need to feel more visible, more vital and relevant as they enter, explore and experience the second phase of life. She went from being a corporate cog to a successful sidepreneur and now, a midlife mentor showing other women over the age of 40 how to change the narrative about what’s possible for them and navigate what comes next by educating, empowering and equipping them to lean into their years of earned knowledge and experience to create new opportunities for themselves in the next chapter of life.