Breakout Session

“This is it?" Leveraging Your Expertise to Create Work and a Life You Love.

You've crushed your career. You've never met a goal you didn't meet or exceed. Yet, after years of sacrifices to achieve all you've achieved, you can't help but feel like "this is it?"

In this session, Kevin Kermes of CreateNext will share a 3-part framework he's used with more than 16,000 clients to land or create 6-figure roles (and lives) they love. In this highly interactive hour, Kevin will take executives through a series of exercises to help you identify what you truly want, where you're holding yourself back and how to bring it all into reality.

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Kevin Kermes is a father, husband, and serial entrepreneur. He is a co-founder and partner in CreateNext Group where they build companies focused on helping professionals create what's next in their careers and lives. Kevin also founded Career Attraction in 2008 where they have helped more than 16,000 high achievers land 6-figure jobs they love. Before this, he founded two search firms (both with successful exits), consulted on talent acquisition, and served as an Infantry Officer in the US Army.