Breakout Session

Meant for More: Embrace Your Evolution to Create a Fulfilling Life and Career

In this presentation, international business, personal branding, and success coach, Allison Walsh, is on a mission to help you actualize and optimize your potential. After working with thousands of women over the last 15 years, Allison’s developed a signature framework to help you identify “what’s next” and take meaningful steps to create a fulfilling future as you confidently evolve into the person you’re intended to be.

In addition to the 60-minute workshop, attendees will be encouraged to implement the advice shared by accessing supplemental resources. Every attendee will receive a downloadable workbook with complimentary resources to help them. Training videos may also be provided based on the audience's interests during the presentation.

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Allison Walsh, JD, is an expert business consultant, founder, bestselling author, international speaker, and influential leader. By age 30, Allison became the Vice President of Advanced Recovery Systems, a company destined for unicorn status which she helped build from the ground up. She was also instrumental in the creation of Nobu, a mental wellness app, increasing access to mental health resources and support nationwide. Allison continues to contribute her expertise to meaningful, mission-driven companies within the behavioral healthcare industry including Charlie Health, a rapidly growing virtual mental health company focused on ending youth suicide.

Allison writes for and is featured in many media outlets including Forbes, Entrepreneur, Fortune, Harvard Business Review, Nasdaq, Business Insider, Bustle, and more, often collaborating with global mental health experts, influencers, and content creators. Allison also shares her insights as the host of the She Believed She Could podcast. She commands the stage as a sought-after speaker who, beginning at the age of 18, inspires international audience members numbering over 200,000. Named in the Orlando Business Journal's 2021 Top 40 Under 40 and Women Who Mean Business, Allison is a proud member of Forbes Business Development Council, Entrepreneur's Leadership Network, and Orlando Business Journal's Leadership Trust.

Allison has won multiple awards for her philanthropy raising over $2 Million for eating disorders prevention and awareness and serves on numerous nonprofit boards. Having previously been crowned Miss Florida 2006, she’s passionate about the advancement of women in leadership which fueled her desire to create the She Believed She Could podcast and found Allison Walsh Consulting. Through the creation of her coaching programs, workbooks, and curriculum she’s been able to improve the mindset, personal branding, leadership skills, and confidence of a roster of over 300 clients, and thousands more in her online community. Allison draws from her expertise in positive psychology, the science of happiness, well-being, and success, to provide women with tools for advancement both personally and professionally. As a business development, marketing, and personal branding expert, Allison is on a mission to help influential, high-stakes leaders build their confidence, grow their businesses, elevate their brands, and accomplish their goals. Her first book, She Believed She Could, published by Wiley, is due to be released in September 2023.