Samantha Harris

Emmy-winning TV Host


Bursting with enthusiasm and genuine warmth, Samantha Harris is a seasoned entertainment journalist and Emmy-winning TV host, health and fitness expert, certified personal trainer and cancer survivor who is best known as one of the hosts of Entertainment Tonight and for her 8-season run as co-host of Dancing With the Stars. Harris has also been on the covers of 11 fitness and health magazines, including SHAPE, Women’s Running, Pilates Style and Muscle & Fitness HERS.

In 2014, Harris was diagnosed with Stage II invasive breast cancer. Just days after a clear mammogram, Harris found a lump in her breast. Two of her longtime doctors told her it was “nothing,” but her gut said otherwise. Harris pressed on and found the right kind of specialist, and together, they decided on a lumpectomy. Even though this surgical oncologist reassured her that the lump was NOT cancer, she advised Harris remove it anyhow despite negative results from two ultrasounds, an MRI and a needle biopsy. When the pathology results came back, invasive ductal carcinoma was confirmed. But that wasn’t all. After a subsequent double mastectomy, it had also spread to a lymph node. Three surgeries later, Harris is cancer-free and encouraging others: her diagnosis led her and her husband to create to “inspire positivity in the face of adversity.” Whether the issue is illness, injury, a relationship disappointment or a career low, the site helps embolden those faced with one of life’s many challenges and encourages them to turn it into something better. Buoyed by the impact of her Gotta Make Lemonade™ brand, Harris has plans to expand the line to include a children’s book series, merchandise and more. She is also currently working on an adult non-fiction book entitled, Your Healthiest Healthy.

Whether Harris is conducting a fitness class with her boundless energy, winning over audiences on Broadway playing the iconic role of “Roxie Hart” in the musical CHICAGO, delivering a keynote or performing master of ceremony duties at events such as the American Cancer Society’s Giants of Science Awards, the March of Dimes annual convention, Ann Taylor Cares, Power of P!nk, Medline’s annual conference or the Samsung corporate conference, her infectious enthusiasm garners new fans. Audiences attending her presentations often leave feeling as though they’ve made a friend, due to her warmth and earnestness.

Harris customizes each appearance, including a very personal PowerPoint presentation that complements her keynote speech – inviting attendees into her personal and professional life with anecdotes and details about, for example, her own cancer journey while, at the same time, connecting with them. Whether speaking about the importance of being your own best healthcare advocate or the power of pushing through any challenge in life to turn it into something better (based on her Gotta Make Lemonade™ website), Samantha motivates audiences while uplifting them to find positivity in the face of adversity in their own lives.

In addition to E.T. and DWTS, Samantha has also been a full time co-host or correspondent for the nationally syndicated lifestyle shows Extra, E! News, and The Insider as well as serving as a contributor for Good Morning America and as a guest host many times of The View, Access Hollywood Live, Hollywood Live Today and The Better Show. Beyond her numerous covers, many other magazines have featured her including People, Fitness, USA Today, Us Weekly, In Touch and Star

Samantha is also the host of REAL APPEAL for UnitedHealth Group. It is a 16-week weight loss and wellness program that overhauls participants’ health. There is a 16-week add-on to the program as well to ensure each person reaches his/her goal. It currently has more than 1million people actively participating and anticipates more than 4 million people by the end of 2017. Samantha is proud to play a role in the health, fitness and wellness makeover of so many lives. 

Harris is also actively involved in March of Dimes, Feeding America (as a member of its Entertainment Council) as well as the EIF Revlon Run/Walk and the Susan G. Koman Foundation – both for breast cancer research. Through her experiences with these philanthropies, she speaks at events that draw not only intimate audiences, but crowds of tens of thousands. With her recognizable celebrity and relatability, Harris delivers fresh talk while she energizes and motivates audiences to get active—whether for health, community or life’s greatest challenges.



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