Nora McInerny

Author & Host of "Terrible, Thanks for Asking" Podcast

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A reluctant grief expert and “notable widow” (her words), Nora McInerny miscarried her second baby, lost her Dad to cancer and also lost her husband, Aaron, to a brain tumor all within 6 hellish weeks in 2014. A prolific creator, Nora wrote the critically-acclaimed memoirs It’s Okay to Laugh (Crying is Cool Too) and No Happy Endings, as well as The Hot Young Widows Club. She hosts the award-winning podcast Terrible, Thanks for Asking, founded the non-profit organization Still Kickin, spoke on TED’s mainstage and writes essays published in Elle, Cosmopolitan, Time, Slate and Vox. A master storyteller, Nora is known for bringing heart and humor to even the toughest topics. She was voted Most Humorous by the Annunciation Catholic School Class of 1998.



Better Than Fine: How Honesty Can Bring Us Through the Loneliness of Tragedy

Why do we ask “how are you?” when we don’t want to know the real answer? And why do we always say “fine” even when the truth is that things are anything But fine? In her work as the host of the podcast “Terrible, Thanks for Asking,” Nora shares the universal truths that make loss and suffering less lonely. She invites audiences to consider a less isolating, more honest answer to the question “how are you?” An answer that builds empathy and connection within the most human of experiences: struggle.