Pledge for Parity on International Women's Day


While there is much to celebrate in terms of our progress, gender parity remains a barrier for today’s women. Consequently, this year’s theme for International Women’s Day is Pledge for Parity. By encouraging gender-balanced leadership, hiring more women, striving for pay equity, and developing more inclusive cultures, women and men can work together in partnership to elevate the importance of this endeavor and ultimately, help women and girls realize their unlimited potential. 

The following data helps shed some light on the reality of gender parity in today’s world – and specifically here in Florida:

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As women, we need to support each other so that we can become the leaders we have proven for years we can be. Staring today, make your own pledge for parity here. Looking forward, join us May 19-20 in Tampa at the Women’s Conference of Florida where we’ll continue the conversation about gender parity. By involving women in a statewide conversation about equality, we hope to inspire attendees to make a difference in their own communities by investing efforts in this important arena.