Growing your family and career together


This is an exciting time to be a working mother. In previous generations, even as more women started to enter the workforce, balancing motherhood and a career often meant a choice. You could do one or the other but not both. That perception is starting to change, though, as women today are deciding that having children does not mean sidelining a promising career and that growing with your job does not make you “married to your job.” In fact, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the participation rate of mothers with children under 18 has grown from 47 percent to 70 percent since 1975. This means the conversation has become less about if you should do both and more about how to balance motherhood with your career, and critically, being successful at both.

The right work-life balance helps everyone excel

Laser Spine Institute is an organization that values a healthy work-life balance for all our employees, and that includes the needs of mothers. Women hold 53 percent of the leadership positions at Laser Spine Institute and many of them are mothers who are helping us set the tone of what it means to grow a successful company and a happy family at the same time. We believe giving a working mother flexibility to meet family needs can create a positive feedback loop leading to increased engagement and productivity in their job. 

A common theme from talking to our working mothers is that having leaders who understand motherhood is essential in creating a supportive culture. Alexa Parker, online media team lead, is extremely glad her supervisor is a mom herself who understands the importance of being there for doctor’s appointments or parent-teacher conferences. “It makes for happier teammates that appreciate their workplace,” says Whitney Jones, interim vice president of marketing. Speaking of her whole team and work-life balance in general, Whitney believes, “My teammates work hard, so I have no issue at all with allowing the flexibility for them to find work-life balance because I think it is important.”

Don’t settle

If you’re a working mother in a less supportive environment, don’t give up on your career if it’s important to you. There are many actions to take, from changing your workplace to joining a company that has been recognized for being flexible with the needs of mothers. Alexa related it to her situation: “I would definitely say don’t settle because there are other fish in the sea. Every time I’ve moved companies, I’ve ended up in a better place. Unless you do something about your situation, it’s not going to
get better.” 

Growing your family and your career shouldn’t mean choosing one or the other. Many organizations understand the need for work-life balance and provide all their employees the flexibility to excel, both professionally and personally. To be a successful mother and employee, invest in a company that’s going to invest in you, too.