Celebrate Black History Month with Women's Conference of Florida!


Woven into the very fabric of Black History Month are countless, remarkable stories of history makers – many of them women – who’ve helped make equality a reality. In fact, we’re fortunate to live in a time where this history is not just in our past, but is being made all around us – right before our eyes. Many of these inspirational women hail from Florida, and we’re proud to celebrate a few of them this month!

The Women’s Conference of Florida believes all women have the ability to involve, inspire, and invest in not only themselves, but others. Join us May 19-20 in Tampa as we celebrate and learn from inspiring women, like those featured above, from across the Sunshine State and beyond!

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Serena has dominated tennis courts across the globe for more than a decade. Raised in Palm Beach, she’s been unstoppable. In fact, Serena has been called the greatest tennis player of all time – yes, the GREATEST of ALL TIME. Last year, she became the first African American female athlete to be solely featured on the cover of Vogue. Criticized for being “masculine” she states, “You can be whatever size you are, and you can be beautiful both inside and out.”


Mary sailed unchartered waters in 1904 when she began a school for young African American girls in Daytona (that school eventually merged with a boys’ school to become Bethune-Cookman University). She’s also remembered for her innovative work in Civil Rights, including acting as a presidential adviser to a number of our nation’s leaders.


Peggy was the second African American and third woman to serve as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Florida, and is the only Supreme Court Justice in Florida history to be appointed simultaneously by more than one governor.


Carrie P. Meek of Tallahassee was the first African American woman elected to the Florida State Senate.


Daughter of boxing legend Muhammad Ali, Laila certainly made her own spot in the professional boxing world: she retired from the sport with an undefeated 24-0 record and was inducted into the 2015 International Women's Boxing Hall of Fame. Born in Miami Beach, Laila earned a degree in business management from Santa Monica College and owned her own nail salon – all before the age of 21! She’s an author, has been featured on various TV shows (Dancing with the Stars and Chopped: All Stars, anyone?), and is a mother of two.