What Millennials Really Want in a Career


Millennials have big goals for the future — goals that don’t involve the perfect selfie posted to Instagram with trending hashtags. In a world that’s branded them as tech-savvy socializers, Laser Spine Institute knows that millennials are focused on more than just their social media image — they want to build successful careers. That’s why we’ve crafted a unique company culture that provides more than just a paycheck.

Laser Spine Institute’s workforce is 51 percent millennials. Of that group, 35 percent are women who are working toward a fulfilling future. For some, a great career starts with a company culture that upholds a meaningful mission. According to a survey by Deloitte, six in 10 millennials described a company’s sense of purpose as part of the reason they chose to work for their current employers. 

“Our company’s overall mission has a huge impact on my career,” said Amanda Morgan, Team Lead of Revenue Cycle Integrity at Laser Spine Institute. “It’s a great feeling knowing that we get to help patients, while working for a company that knows where it’s going, shares its goals with the employees and celebrates our achievements.” 

For these digital natives who were born into an era of social sharing and engagement, the employer-employee relationship has become a two-way street. It’s not just about making money by working a job, but being an important member of a workplace culture that keeps the day-to-day routine fresh and exciting. 

It’s a great feeling knowing that we get to help patients, while working for a company that knows where it’s going, shares its goals with the employees and celebrates our achievements.
— Amanda Morgan

“Company culture makes or breaks a corporate environment,” said Alexa Parker, Online Media Team Lead at Laser Spine Institute. “Between team outings, décor contests for our new corporate headquarters, team member promotions or potlucks, the list is never-ending. Our CHOICE values are a really big benefit for the employees here.” 

As simple as they may sound, Laser Spine Institute’s CHOICE values — Care, Have Fun, One Team, Integrity, Commitment and Excellence — are the backbone of our organization. 

“We are reminded that the company is committed to us,” said Jacqueline Rivera, Medical Screening Team Lead at Laser Spine Institute. “It’s nice to think about how great we really have it, between the family-like culture, CHOICE values, charitable contributions and the amazing opportunities granted here.”

In a workforce where millennials are also known as job hoppers — staying at an employer for only one or two years — we see an interesting trend at Laser Spine Institute:

Rivera, 31, has been with Laser Spine Institute for almost four years and aspires to work toward an executive role in the Medical Intake Department. Parker, 29, has been on staff for almost three years, and enjoys collaborative, cross-functional projects with the goal of continuing to grow our company’s digital footprint. Morgan, 31, a team member for two and a half years, loves being in her current role, where she can think outside of the box and create a successful work-life balance.

“Our CHOICE values are daily reminders of who we are and who we want to be,” said Morgan. “It’s nice to have values set in stone to keep us on track — it’s part of our mission.”

Laser Spine Institute