Dr. Brook Parker-Bello

CEO of More Too Life, Inc

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Dr. Brook Parker-Bello, CEO of More Too Life, Inc, an Open Doors Outreach Network Provider, is a sought after international champion against trafficking and gender violence, author of several books, LATN - a victim service mentoring; and the RJEDE and LUYD curriculums. She holds a PH.D in pastoral clinical counseling and accreditation in pastoral clinical and temperance based counseling and currently holds a bachelor in biblical studies, masters in pastoral clinical counseling and two honorary doctorates one in humane letters. She received the lifetime achievement award from the 44th President of the United States and the White House in December 2016. In 2018 she was chosen by GOOGLE as a Google Next Gen Policy Leader. Dr. Bello believes in the power of changing the trajectory of one’s life through discovering pure potential, balance through identity discovery and our gifts which are to be used to catapult us forward and be a blessing in the earth and to others.



Breakout Session

The Power of Tech in Today’s Internet Economy

The Internet has revolutionized almost every aspect of our lives from the way we communicate, share information, learn, advocate and do business. In a world dominated by technology and innovation, it is critical for businesses to have an online presence. The panelists will share how they leverage the power of technology for business growth and provide key takeaways for expanding your customer reach. Attendees will have an opportunity to interact with panelists, gain insights and learn valuable lessons designed to add value to their business.