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2016 Community Partners


Influencing social change is an essential part of the Women’s Conference of Florida, so we’re pleased to have partnered with Verizon for our 2016 conference to promote its social responsibility program, Hopeline®. Through this partnership, 2016 conference attendees donated their wireless phones, batteries, chargers, and accessories to raise awareness for and directly benefit statewide survivors of domestic violence. 



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To address the need for more women in technology-related careers, the Women’s Conference of Florida formed a partnership with Hillsborough County Public Schools, Pinellas County Schools, Tech Data Corporation, and Tribridge to create the Young Women in Tech Challenge.

The first annual Young Women in Tech Challenge consisted of two teams: one team with five female students from Lakewood High School representing Pinellas County Schools worked with Tech Data Corporation. Another team with five female students from Strawberry Crest High School representing Hillsborough County Public Schools were paired with Tribridge.

The objective of the project was to spotlight hurdles young girls may face that prevent them from taking technology-related classes, and then suggest real solutions to overcome these challenges. Each team was tasked with researching this issue from multiple vantage points and create a functional and responsive PSA using a combination of skills they have learned in school and resources from their corporate partner.
Projects from the 2016 Young Women in Tech Challenge were judged by a panel of professionals in the technology industry. The teams then attended the 2016 Women’s Conference of Florida, where the projects were showcased and the presentation of awards took place. 

Congratulations to Lakewood High School
the 2016 Young Women in Tech Challenge winners!

This outstanding group of women demonstrated an impressive amount of knowledge on the subject of female equality in the STEM field and delivered a thoughtful presentation with confidence and professionalism.

Each student on Lakewood High School’s team received a $1,000 higher education scholarship. Every student who participated in the challenge received a tablet computer donated by Google.


The Women’s Conference of Florida was blown away by both teams’ dedication to recruiting more young women to technology and we can’t wait to see what these students produce in the future.  

Watch a special video from Pinellas County Schools featuring the young women in tech here